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dyor crypto

DYOR Crypto: How To Do Your Own Crypto Research

Whenever you look online for crypto advice, you’ll have people babbling on and on about their personal biases and then swiftly disregard their own...
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Can You Invest in Publix Stock?

Publix has been a wildly successful business, so it is understandable that investors are looking to invest in Publix stock. Publix is an employee-owned...
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What Is Asset Finance? Definition and Meaning

Asset finance is a flexible financing option for borrowers. It can be used for assets owned by a business to pledge for a new...
buy to open

What Is Buy To Open? Meaning and Definition

When investors purchase options contracts, they use a buy to open order. It means taking a long position on a derivative. A buy to...

What Is the Meaning of NGMI?

NGMI has become a common acronym used among crypto and NFT investors. The meaning behind NGMI is “not going to make it”. The expression...